An afternoon in Juneau, AK

Southeast Alaska is very, very rainy.  However when the weather gives you a break, it’s really easy to forget that those rainy days exist.  I’m not sure if there is anywhere else that you can drive down the street, relax for a few hours, and get a group of photos like these.  Here is what you get in an afternoon in Juneau! DSCF3534blogDSCF3572blogDSCF3582blogDSCF3587blogDSCF3589blogDSCF3591blogDSCF3599_blogDSCF3609blog


What to look forward to!

The first issue is in the final stages before being available for purchase, and I just happen to be driving cross country in a few weeks, all the way from Alaska to Ohio, with my brother… and his CAT! Named Sea Lion!  This means that you can look forward to pictures of a really annoying (sometimes cute) cat!  I will also be posting which coffee shops along the way receive an issue of 50/50, so look out for those.